Pot of Gold Baby Balm Review by The Natural Momma in me

For the last few weeks, Izzy has had a weird redness around certain parts of her nappy area, and some of her skin has been a bit flaky. I was pretty horrified to eventually realise (by a process of elimination) that the new ‘flavour’ of nappy cream I was using was the cause. Luckily, I had just received a sample of Pot of Gold Baby Balm from the lovely people at New Zealand Honey Shop, and was able to stop using my old and start using the new straight away.

The Pot of Gold Baby Balm is described by the NZHS as “Guilt Free” – the palm oil used in the baby balm is sustainably sourced from Colombia, so there is no issue with infringement on the SE Asian orangutans’ habitat, so you can have a warm and fuzzy feeling as you slather it on, knowing you are doing your best for future generations. The baby balm is 100% natural, using only active ingredients, and is 75% organic. It has a boat load of vitamin E which is great for skin, and I was shocked when I looked at the ingredient list because it’s so short!

Along with being a guilt free product, the Pot of Gold Baby Balm is also remarkably versatile. Obviously, it’s main use is as a nappy cream, but it can also be used as lip salve, for cradle cap, for cracked/sore nipples and cracked/sore skin in general. Best of all, Pot of Gold Baby Balm is absolutely safe for use with cloth nappies!

The balm smells lovely, of grapefruit, and a little bit goes a very long way. I’ve barely made a dent in my tub after 2 weeks, so I know my 50g pot will last for months to come. That means that the retail price of £8.20 from the New Zealand Honey Shop is a steal, as it will do so many jobs for such a long time.

The balm made such a difference to Izzy’s sore spots. I put it on for the first time at night and, come the next morning, her skin was perfect – no redness in sight! I continued to put the balm on her at various nappy changes – and always overnight – and if she had any small spots of nappy rash, they disappeared by the next change.

If you have ever had to wipe your finger off after applying nappy cream, you might like to know that when using the baby balm, I was able to wipe any extra onto my lips, and it really does double as a lovely lip balm, which leaves a nice little sheen.

Overall, I cannot recommend this product highly enough. As a nappy cream it is perfection, and it is so versatile that I am taking the old nappy cream, my lip balm and hand cream out of my nappy bag, and putting this in to replace all 3! And to know that it is all natural, 75% organic, and sustainable means that I can feel good about using this fabulous product as well. To buy your own Pot of Gold Baby Balm, visit the New Zealand Honey Shop, or follow their Twitter and Facebook pages.



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