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The yields of research and technology has arrived at ThermaFreeze® – a revolutionary product taking packaging out of the Ice Age.

An effective alternative to conventional ice, ThermaFreeze® is made from specially-treated spun-bonded non-woven fabric on one side and the other layer is an opaque polyethylene (P.E.). Encapsulated between these two layers is a unique super-absorbent powder. ThermaFreeze® is finding ready acceptance in packing pharmaceutical products, veterinary products, seafood, fruit and vegetable, meat and poultry, etc.

When produced, ThermaFreeze® is made in a square “cellular” form, and being grooved, it is intrinsically flexible so as to allow the product to be wrapped around the item being packed such as whole tunafish, lobster, flower, etc. Sold in an un-hydrated state, ThermaFreeze TM is lightweight and compact for ease of handling.

Once immersed in water, each ThermaFreeze® “Cell” will absorb a specific quantity of water and it will then be ready for freezing.

ThermaFreeze® has 3 important attributes making it invaluable as an aid to temperature control in packaging – freeze factor, flexibility and fluid retention.

Freeze Factor
ThermaFreeze® has excellent freeze duration capabilities when packed under proper conditions. Generally, you need pack less ThermaFreeze® than ice and this means weight savings in the packaging process – pack more product/save on freight.

Because of its cellular construction, ThermaFreeze® is inherently flexible – even when fully hydrated and frozen. The ThermaFreeze® mat can be folded or bent along the divisions between the sachet cells to match the shape of the product being packaged.

Fluid Retention
ThermaFreeze® is formulated so that when it finally begins to thaw, it doesn’t release fluid into package, unlike wet ice. It holds the fluid within the structure, enabling full moisture control.

When there is a need to conserve weight, stop fluid release, control temperature and prolong moisture retention, technology’s answer is ThermaFreeze®