ORGANii’s mission is to offer the consumer good value products with high integrity. Our products are sourced from similarly minded, ethical manufacturers who share our passion for all things natural and organic. Organii products must meet selected criteria including; effective formulas, value for money, products suitable for the whole family while looking good in any bathroom. They also need to be certified natural and organic with conscientious packaging.

Fresh, friendly and happy, ORGANii EVERYDAY ORGANICS.


As a dedicated distributor of natural and organic skincare products, from Europe, for nearly 15 years I have seen many brands come and go. Hype and disappointment caused by the arrival and subsequent departure of yet another brand made me think about what it took to create a unique, fun, functional and lasting product range. So I made it my mission to create an ethical, affordable, certified natural and organic product range and finally after years of research ORGANii EVERYDAY ORGANICS was born.

At ORGANii EVERYDAY ORGANICS we do not claim to invent or innovate but we do promise to provide high quality, fairly priced products with integrity to you the consumer.
Our current product range which includes liquid and bar soaps, shower gels, mouthwashes, suncream and patches has become very popular, especially the liquorice shower gel which is fast becoming a cult product.