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Pot of Gold in Hong Kong Weekend Magazine

“Nowadays an increasing number of people suffer from eczema. What makes this condition so painful is the itchiness of the inflamed area which leads to scratching or rubbing until it bleeds and the condition becomes more severe. Implementation of steroids can treat the symptoms in the short term, but in the long term it lowers […]

Cleansing The Lymphatic System

When waste material leaves the body cells, it is carried away by the two circulating body fluids, namely, the blood and the lymph. The lymph is formed out of the blood but contains no red blood cells. Each cell in the body is bathed by the intestinal fluid, which consists of materials from the bloodstream […]

Childhood eczema

Eczema symptoms The symptoms of eczema are dry, red, itchy patches on the skin that can become infected if they are constantly scratched. The skin may thicken if the eczema persists. Eczema on young babies often first appears on the cheeks and then spreads to knees and elbows. As children get older it develops on […]

Ingredients We Avoid

Top ten harmful chemical ingredients that we avoid: #1 Artificial colours Artificial Colours and Dyes are petroleum- or coal-based. These may not degrade in the environment and are oftentimes the cause of allergies to cleaning products. Artificial colors are toxic for aquatic life and animals, and may irritate a person’s skin or eyes. Many are […]