Pot of Gold Mother & Baby Pack


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This pack containing both our skin balm (50g) and baby balm (50g) this pack is the perfect home wellness kit for both mother and baby.

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Country of Origins: New Zealand
100% Natural
75-80% Organic

Note: Colour of Pot of Gold Skin Balm and Baby Balm have changed and become darker due to the change in New Zealand pine rosin source. The pine rosin harvested from different location of New Zealand has affected the colour but does not affect the properties or effectiveness of our balms for their proposed uses. (starting from batch expired 11/20)

Containing both our skin balm (50g) and baby balm (50g) this pack is the perfect home wellness kit for both mother and baby. This also makes an excellent baby shower gift or the ideal present for parents who like using natural, chemical-free products for themselves and their family. Total value worth RM158.

Use our Pot of Gold Skin Balm for:

  • Eczema symptoms (often misspelled as excema, excema, ezema, exema, ecxema)
  • Psoriasis symptoms
  • Seborrheic dermatitis (infant cradle cap) symptoms
  • Dermatitis symptoms
  • Burns of any kind
  • Cold sores
  • Dry, cracked skin
  • A supplementary skin cancer treatment
  • Cuts, bruises, wounds and more

Use our Pot of Gold Baby Balm for:

  • Nappy rash
  • Dry and cracked nipples
  • Prevention and reduction of stretch marks
  • Any chapping and chafing both mother and baby may have.
  • Mother and baby massage
  • Moisturiser

Friendly Reminder :
Please keep out of direct sunlight.
After finished using the whole pot, please recycle and use the empty pot for something else.

Apply a thin layer and allow to absorb  fully (usually five minutes). If the problem area is very dry, apply Baby Balm about 30 minutes after Skin Balm to boost skin hydration for better effect.

Refer Pot of Gold Tips & Uses.

*Allergic reaction may occur if the person has an acute contact allergy to propolis, beeswax or beeswax components (traces of bee pollen and bee venom). A simple contact test may be peformed by applying a fingerprint-sized amount of the balm to the crease inside your elbow several times a day for several days. If a reaction is noted then discontinue use.

Refer to individual product.


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Pot of Gold Mother & Baby Pack

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Pot of Gold Mother & Baby Pack

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This pack containing both our skin balm (50g) and baby...

Pot of Gold Mother & Baby Pack

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Pot of Gold Mother & Baby Pack

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2 reviews for Pot of Gold Mother & Baby Pack

  1. Chong
    5 out of 5


    Thanks Nature in a box for advising me to buy this pack. After using Skin Balm together with Baby Balm, the effect is much faster than just using Skin Balm alone. I keep using Baby Balm through out the day as advised to keep skin hydrated. Also, this is a value pack.

  2. yarkat chong
    5 out of 5


    Love this product so much. Value for money both for mother and baby. I use it as a barrier cream for my baby after bath or nappy change. Skin balm works great on dry skin or insect bites. Must have!

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