Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil (50ml)

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An all-natural solution that keeps skin soft and moisturised.

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Country of Origin: Malaysia
100% Natural


  • Moisturizer and natural conditioner – jojoba oil resembles sebum produced by skin in chemical structure, thus replenishing sebum stripped away by facial wash and cleaning agents. It locks moisture, keeping skin soft and supple.
  • Counters acne – dissolves sebum deposits and dislodges comedones in hair follicles. Oil counters oil.
  • Reduces oiliness – tricks the skin into decreasing sebum production as it resembles sebum structurally, restoring balance.
  • Lessens fine lines through regular use due to its high content of Vitamin E.

Good to know

  • Light golden-hued – evidence of it being cold-pressed and thus raw and nutrient-rich
  • Not greasy on skin after application
  • Does not cause reaction in allergy-prone and sensitive skin. Rare, if it does.

Stable with long shelf life. Cap bottle and keep in cool, dry place

Oil origin
South America

  • Gently massage a ~2 drops onto clean face after shower. Use in moderation as an when skin needs it.
  • To use as face cleanser or make up remover – simply use a cotton pad and apply on skin. Rinse and blot with warm towel. Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil dissolves dirt and stubborn make up.
  • Can be used on hair, scalp, chapped lips, and dry-skin spots as well.

Organic, unrefined and cold-pressed Jojoba oil, german chamomile essential oil

Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil (50ml)

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