BioSafe4U Botanic Toy Cleaner (500ml)


A plant based non reactive cleaner for use on all surfaces, including painted surfaces.

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100% Natural
Country of Origin: Singapore

BIOSAFE4U Botanic Toy Cleaner is a non reactive cleaner for use on all surfaces, including painted surfaces. It will not harm rubber, vinyl, wood and plastic toys finishing or any material are found in our daily life.

This cleaner adopted the Michele technology from the USA and can be use on all washable materials. It is not harmful to humans, animals and plants.. It is very effective in removing any soil surface by spraying on the surface and rinse it after 2mins.

BioSafe4U Toy Cleaner has the cleaning ability of soaps, detergents and solvents, yet none of the harmful side effects. It reduces odour and bacterial growth by removing protein and sugar residues, these are the two component that feed on germ, bacteria.

It is 100% natural, plant based derived.

** Addition advantages: Botanic Toy Cleaner is also a multi-purpose cleaner where it works on removing mold, residue, and stain of any kind, brushing is required for tougher stain. It helps to avoid ants, as the plant based mixture contain the smell that ants do not like.

Wipe off loose soil, spray direct onto surface. Let it dwell for 2 mins. For sturborn stains, use brush or sponge to work on it. Rinse with water, wipe or air it to dry.

DI Water, Plant Based Non Ionic Surfactants, Citric Acid

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