Baby Organix Kids Wear Liquid Cleanser (1000ml)

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It’s specifically formulated to be tough on stains that clings to kid’s clothing.

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Country of Origin: Malaysia
Natural with Organic Ingredients

Baby Organix Kids Wear Liquid Cleanser is carefully formulated with Zero “O” harmful ingredients. We believe it is important to reduce your exposure to potentially unhealthy chemicals such as optical brighteners, Phoshate, Chroline bleach, enzymes, dye & formaldehyde. We do our best to develop high efficiency products that are tough on stain yet gentle to our environment and people who uses it.

  • Anti Bacterial
  • Biogradable
  • No Nasty Chemicals
  • Good for Sensitive Skin
  • Safe for Cloth Diaper
  • No added fragrance, suitable for baby and sensitive skin


Pre-Treat – For heavily soiled areas,pour directly onto fabric and rub.Then add item immediately to washer.

Normal washing – Fill cap to top for large loads.Use more for larger or heavily soiled loads,less for smaller loads.

Aqua, Non Ionic Surfactant, Akyl Poly Glucoside

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