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Founder & director of Made4Baby Rebecca McLeod previously worked in Paris in the Environmental Health Department of the OECD drafting skincare reports for toxicologists of the member nations. This role gave her an insight into the chemicals that are around us and which we often apply to our skin without even thinking of what is in them and how they can subtly affect us. After the birth of her first son she began considering what was going onto his skin and couldn’t believe the long list of ingredients required to keep a baby clean!

Rebecca started researching some of the ingredients and decided to head down the natural path – no petroleum derived ingredients, the result was developing a range of products with all the natural goodness which is also easy to use, practical, and with an element of fun.

Made4Baby is 100% natural baby skin care products made in NZ, including hair & body wash, lotion & massage oil, and products for eczema and nappy rash.

  • No harsh detergents (which create lather)
  • No petrochemicals (baby mineral oil is derived from crude oil)
  • No artificial fragrances (parfum can have hundreds of ingredients)
  • No parabens (a controversial preservative which we have not included)