Since 1978, Zava.gli develops top class products for your body skin’s care and health. We aim the B2B and B2C markets.
Azeta bio is a brand by Zava.gli. Azeta bio Inca Inchi line is specifically thought for mothers and children’s

Every single productive and distribution process is thoroughly followed, aiming to keep the highest quality standards and guarantee a service able to satisfy our customers’ expectations.
“Made in Italy” quality, heart and passion: this is why thousands of customers all over the world chose us.
We are men and fathers. For more than thirty years we have been taking care of mothers, who chose us, and their children, thanks to Azeta bio.

Our products are made of highly selected raw materials and active ingredients.
Our industrial processes are at the forefront of technology, allowing us to
guarantee punctuality and high quality standard for our customers.
Azeta bio means ICEA-trasp-480x480certified quality.