About us

Over the years, we slowly discovered that certain products that were passed on by the older generations, those we once trusted on due to their “big branding” may actually contain various harmful chemical ingredients. These chemicals, if exposed in long term, will ultimately reside in our body causing harmful effects such as cancer and many other health problems.

Nature In A Box is a one-stop online portal for all your natural and organic products in Malaysia. We provide the best high quality products that are carefully selected by filtering the ingredient list.

Yes, we check the ingredient list of every single product and publish the full ingredient list on the product page.

You can now shop for your top-to-toe care for both adults and children without worrying. They are safe and effective. Best of all, they are cruelty free and friendly to the planet!

We hope that you enjoy our range of products and feel empowered to make positive change to your life style. Inspire your friends and family to go natural and organic for the sake of their health.

To learn more about ingredients, you can read our blog here.

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